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Visualizing GraphFrames in Apache Zeppelin

I think everyone will admit that the graphs are best viewed and not read. Therefore, using GraphFrames, I missed any visualization of what my graph looks like.

That’s why I decided to look for a way to do it somehow. Fortunately, Apache Zeppelin has the ability to visualize using HTML and Angular.

My solution is a combination of the solution found in the GraphX In Action book (link) and the d3.js codes found somewhere on the internet.

Here you will find the code: (link). There are two methods there. One adopts GraphFrame, the other GraphX created from GraphFrame. The color of the vertices is random. I will probably modify these methods one day. The parameters manipulating labels, sizes, and colors of vertices and edges would also be useful.

Visualizing GraphFrames - paragraph in the new tab
It is best to display the paragraph in the new tab
Visualizing GraphFrames
GraphFrame visualization

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