Reasons for this blog

Nowadays nearly every software developer has his blog so… here is mine ;-). How long will it last? We will see. Now let’s take a look why I’ve decided to be a blogger.


  1. I hope that blog will help me to learn new things
  2. and write them down clear enough, that someone else would understand it.
  3. Writing articles in English is a good idea on improving my active language skills.
  4. Maybe Google or Microsoft will notice this blog and hire me. Who knows? 😉


Book Soft Skills

The idea of creating a blog appeared when I was reading “Soft Skills” written by John Sonmez. I suspect that many blogs has started because of that book. If you haven’t heard about him I strongly suggest to find his channel on YouTube and watch few videos.

I can recommend John’s content to every beginner programmers. His tips build up confidence and determination to change something in your life. Something like personal couch shouting “What are you waiting for? Do it!”.

You can find John’s YouTube channel here: link

Wojciech Seliga

Wojciech Seliga is Co-founder & CEO in Spartez. You can find several videos with his participation on YouTube, where he talks about career of software developer. Many people say that he is irritating and too confident, but I don’t agree with that. In my opinion, Wojciech tries to persuade people to be the best in their profession. If you are programming, do it properly and constantly learn new things. It’s hard to argue with that. Even if you are not a Java guy, you should listen to his speeches.

Mirosław Burnejko

MirosÅ‚aw Burnejko is a youtuber, blogger and “public cloud guy”. I don’t know what type of magic he has, but when I watched the first movie I thought “meh, some guy playing the wise guy”. Now I subscribe his YouTube channel and watch every video he produces. That shows how first impression can be inaccurate. It’s funny that, when I showed his videos to my colleges in work, they’ve responded like me.

Mirosław, with use of some black voodoo magic I suppose, has time for sport, job, family, blogs, vlogs and many other activities with smile on his face (and without toothpicks in his eyes).

You can find MirosÅ‚aw’s YouTube channel here: link

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Wow, yet another great programmer blog 🙂 Good luck ! Maybe You will be my inspiration soon.

Mirek Burnejko

Black voodoo magic is my secret weapon 🙂

Michał Furmankiewicz (@mifurm)

All the best! and keep pushing. Doing nothing will get you nowhere:) So please do, let yourself fail and do again. Waiting for another post!