Learning or rather, procrastination?

reading a book

I think I got into procrastination. I love Hacker News. Do you? I also love my Facebook feed. It’s rather full of IT articles than “social content” (God bless ignore button). I also love YouTube. There are plenty of interesting movies that concern IT, self improvement, motivation etc. Unfortunately I don’t have time to consume all that content. List on Pocket is always full. Dozen of movies are waiting to be watched on YouTube’s watch later playlist. The situation looks similar with podcasts, books, e-books, and audio books. It is impossible to keep up.

I think I have to figure out some kind of system. Maybe I should limit my daily/weekly/monthly consumption? In the case of books maybe I should set a goal of ridden books per some period of time (It seems to me that in spite of everything in books knowledge is more orderly and more valuable).

I listen to Lepiej teraz podcast and one advice stuck in my head. It’s better to create rather than consume. I don’t think that consumption is bad. Simply everything can be poison, it depends on what dose you will use. The only right consumption are podcast and audio books because they make traveling time more valuable. You can check out my post about podcasts: Listen to podcasts

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Learning or rather procrastination?

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