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4Developers 2017

I recommend attending IT conferences to everyone. Sometimes it’s good to leave your developer’s cave and see what developers around the world are talking about, what things look like outside your workplace’s domain of interests. 4Developers offered unique opportunity to attend tracks that are not your cup of tea (technology). Normally I wouldn’t pay for Java / PHP / JavaScript / pickTechYouAreNotFamilliarWth conference.

Here are IMO best (inspiring and instructive) and worst (I was expecting more value) things about 4Developers:


Evolving Architecture by Daniel Pokusa

Is your solution over- or under- designed? Interesting talk with examples taken from real life. Can’t wait for video to listen to this speech again.

The base problem by Szymon Warda

Before that speech I thought that most of NoSQL databases are more or less the same. An interesting overview of most used databases, but I missed some temporal and OO databases.

.NETowiec w kosmosie by Maciej Nowak

That was something different! Embedded, C++ and some space stuff. Cool break from everyday high-level abstraction.


Satisfactory cooperation with a non-technical client by Dominika Łuszczuk

I’m not writing that Dominika didn’t pass any value, but I’ve expected something else. That talk was too general and a little bit unprepared. The most interesting speech has given someone from the audience. All I remember that guy had pedagogical background.

Logistics and localisation

IMO Hotel Sangate Airport wasn’t the best place to host 4Developers. Running from one floor to another was problematic. I can’t imagine what would happen in case of a sudden evacuation. Another thing is dinner and queues… In this category it was the weakest conference I’ve ever been to.

What were your favorite speeches? I can’t wait to watch some of them on YouTube soon.

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